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Project Details


9 Clifford Street, London


GBR Phoenix Beard


Managed a full control system replacement including all shaft equipment of the single lift installation during full occupation of the building.


Technical Services Term Consultancy, Licence to Alter validation service to ensure that tenant fit-outs are managed effectively, Full Operational Support function to client, tenants and maintenance service provider.

Our work at this property involved the specification and project management for the replacement lift control system and associated equipment. 

The aim of the project was to ensure that the single lift installation within this property continued to provide the required level of service following a major failure of the original 1960s equipment. Focus FM put forward solutions to minimise the down-time of the lift and accelerate the project programme.

Focus FM also manages any technical and engineering related issues that become apparent operationally, ensuring that these are dealt with effectively and offering sound professional advice to the client. This can range from being in attendance at major service activities to carrying out specific inspections of plant and distribution systems. 

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