Project Details

  • Summary

    Our services were commissioned by CBRE to review existing energy use and identifying ways to reduce future energy consumption at the site to assist in moving towards a sustainable future. 1 Finsbury Circus is a 17,335m2 commercial office building located in the City of London which has undergone a complete refurbishment between 2006 and 2008 behind a Grade 2 listed Facade. The building has a basement, lower ground, ground floor and 8 upper floors of office accommodation; the ground floor has an enclosed carpark with 15 spaces.

  • Achievements

    Our team conducted energy reviews and identified cost-effective energy saving opportunities of up to 348,133 kWh per year which is equivalent to £32,605‬ per year.


The principle recommendation is to improve occupant behaviour through direct engagement with tenants and their maintenance team. Programmes that address staff awareness and behaviour can generate savings of up to 10%. This is especially true of the Fan Coil Units (FCUs) set up where units are “fighting each other” and are simultaneously heating and cooling.


A number of measures were also identified including:

  • Fit timeclocks to electrical storage heaters;
  • Replacement of CFLs in landlord area with LEDs;
  • The installation of high speed shutter doors to loading bay and carpark entrances which would minimise heat loses and reduce gas consumption;
  • Fit sequencing controls to the boilers and integrate into the BMS. This would result in reduced fuel and maintenance costs plus increased boiler service life.

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