Project Details

  • Summary

    Term Consultancy; monitoring service provider performance and addressing any deficiencies; advisory assistance on day to day operation and maintenance issues; Building Services Engineering problem solving and budget management

  • Client

    Workman LLP

  • Additional Services

    Engineering Maintenance Consultancy, LTA, Carbon Management Planning, Project Management

  • Achievements

    Service provider shortfalls addressed; Review of Technical Submittals; Day to day technical support; Statutory compliance auditing; Assisted managing agent with planned replacement programme 


Focus FM was awarded the role of ‘Term Consultants’ in 2014 following the successful delivery of multiple projects on behalf of the landlord, in liaison with both the projects development team and the managing agent.   

The success of this approach relied heavily on effective communication of business critical concerns to the facilities team. This, together with regular audits and inspections to ensure planned preventative maintenance, was carried out to a satisfactory standard and any issues promptly identified and addressed. 


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