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The Switch Building


Focus FM identified a serious defect that had the potential to lead to personal injury and damage to the client’s asset. The defect was immediately notified to the Facilities Manager and Lift Contractor. The problem was rectified by the Contractor in a timely manner resulting in minimal down time of the equipment and inconvenience to the property’s tenants.

During our 6-monthly Vertical Transportation audit at the property, Focus FM observed, on one of the main passenger lifts, that the counterweight bottom right-hand guide shoe split pin had snapped resulting in minimal engagement of the shoe to its guide.

One function of guide shoes is to guide the car and counterweight, through a sliding action, along their respective guide rails. The issue presented had the potential to cause further guide shoes of that counterweight to dislocate which may have resulted in the car and counterweight colliding in mid shaft.

Focus FM identified the issue, immediately isolated the lift and informed the client and Contractor of the issue. The Contractor arrived on site within 15 minutes to assess the issue. The Contractor was unable to repair the guide shoe on the day but returned the following day with replacement parts to complete the repair and return the passenger lift to normal service.

A priority 1 defect notice was raised by Focus FM via our internal formal reporting process and issued to our Client via our Technical Bureau to formally identify, record and follow up on the issue to a satisfactory conclusion.

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