Term Consultancy

This service is to ensure that the maintenance provider meets the specified standards; to monitor and report on performance, and periodically review the condition of the transportation services. Additionally, the service includes for an advisory facility to provide necessary support in all related technical matters. 

Vertical Transportation Audit

The audit service utilises a comprehensive audit which covers the full array of compliance checks, documentation reviews, physical inspections and financial account audit. This is with the aim of assessing the Contractor’s performance and identifying any technical defects/deficiencies that need addressing.

Planned Maintenance Programme

The PMP service provides a financial plan and programme for the refurbishment / replacement of transportation services as they reach the end of their economical life. The PMP programme includes a description of the transportation services together with an overview of the condition along with the financial obligation.

Lift & Escalator Maintenance Contracts

This service involves the survey of existing vertical transportation services and the preparation of an Asset Register in the clients’ preferred format. This will be incorporated into an approved Contract document and competitively tendered utilising agreed service providers. 

Condition Report

This service involves a detailed survey of the existing vertical transportation services within the property, detailing essential information pertaining to the installed equipment and outlining any deficiencies along with recommendations to ensure a compliant operational condition.