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15 Adam Street


In our feasibility study, we calculated the replacement plant is expected to cut energy bills by around £30,000 annually through the higher efficiency of the new plant. The new chiller on the roof, close to the Savoy Hotel’s bedrooms and residential flats, is quieter than the previous unit and successfully met new lower Local Authority noise limits. For the new boilers, we overcame significant restrictions such as inadequate gas pressures and flue routing, and for the main AHU, we found the most cost-effective solution was to refurbish it replacing its internal components (e.g. fan motor), refurbishing the casing and run-around coils.

The Landlord wanted to invest in the replacement and modernisation of the plant to future proof the building for the next 15 to 20 years. The client accepted our proposals and we then tendered and project managed the provision of new boilers, packaged chiller and AHU ventilation plant with minimum disruption to tenants, who remained on the premises throughout the whole project.

The chiller was replaced first, during the winter months, to minimise any impact on comfort conditions, with cooling provided by utilising fresh air ventilation for that period. The removal of the old chiller and replacement with the new was difficult as the front of the building is on The Strand, a key thoroughfare, which had to be temporarily closed for the crane lifts. The new chiller is more efficient on part load and, usefully, has a lower minimum output than the existing.

A particularly low ceiling height in the boiler room was problematic and needed careful design of the flues and boilers. Boiler room ventilation had to be upgraded and rebalanced to ensure suitable room pressures at all boiler outputs. Gas pipework was replaced from the main gas meter to the boilers, straightened the routing to minimise pressure drop.

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